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Destination Africa

Discover. Experience. Explore. Africa.

Five countries...a million possibilities!


From breathtaking and remote wilderness areas to vibrant cities, from endless beaches to rugged mountain peaks, from the pulsating energy of a traditional market to the silence of some of the world's most iconic deserts...Africa is a continent like no other!


At New Frontiers we believe in total immersion into the real southern Africa. Understanding a country means more than touching the surface and skirting around the people, it's about seeing the gritty side of town, sinking your teeth into the warm offerings from street foodies, after the mouth-watering aromas have lured you in. It's about wandering along sandy beaches, barefoot, and laughing with locals as they personally show you their creative projects. When the music plays, we get up and dance the rhythm of Africa, learning the steps as we go - or simply making up our own!


We take pride in offering a selection of extraordinary southern African countries and destinations that each boast their own character and unique qualities while perfectly complementing each other as part of a broader travel itinerary.