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Group Touring

Price · Quality · Innovation

Focusing on the experience...

Years of experience have shown us that there are key elements in creating highly successful group tours, and there is no compromise on our behalf when it comes to these:



Our strong relationships with all the hotel and coach suppliers built up over many years in the industry, and by positioning ourselves as group specialists in the market place has enabled us to contract the keenest rates. We contract for each client on an individual basis so you are assured of your optimal rate.


We know the best hotel product and we offer it objectively. We select hotels that offer value for money and whenever possible, a hotel with a unique selling point, such as outstanding location, or facilities.


We know how important the guide is on a tour and we have been extremely selective in choosing those that we work with. We pay our guides MORE, so that we can give you the best in the industry. Wherever possible, we have local or specialist guides join the group in certain areas to add to the value of the tour, whether they are township guides, qualified game rangers or regional experts.


When it comes to coaches, we select the cream of the crop from a variety of coach suppliers, so that you are always assured a modern, luxury coach, whether a 15, 28, 33 or 44 seater, with comprehensive and efficient back up and support throughout the country.



We want your tour to be unforgettable! We are at the forefront of fresh and exciting developments in the country, be they hotel, region or community orientated, so that you and your clients get to see them first. We research, visit and discover non-stop. We look for new and creative ways of making the tour special without adding to the cost - we look and see what the competition is doing and how we can do it better. An African choir for the group? Lunch on a South African farm? Meet someone who was on Robben Island with Nelson Mandela? No problem! We offer new routes, new options as well as new ways of looking at the highlights that everyone wants to see when they come to South Africa.


We have energy and vision which is what we think makes us different!