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Into the wilderness

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"I can never get enough of this place..."

Dominating this untamed land, massive creatures move about, instinctively following the ancient paths of their ancestors. Water levels ebb and flow, seasons change and life cycles on. It is here in Botswana, where civilisation is stripped away, that the natural order of things is so very evident.


Experience something special...

This is what we love!


Frontier territory
Wild and remote landscape


Low-impact camps


Contrasting ecosystems
The lushness of the Delta on one hand, and the arid desert landscape of the Kalahari on the other. Along with the incredible differentials in scenery, comes the distinctive animals which are adapted to their specific environments.


Game traverses freely over vast tracts of land, allowing species to follow their inherent, ancient migration routes.


Authentic & genuine Bushmen experience
Meet the "real" people who have lived in the region since before time itself. Get a glimpse of their simple, down-to-earth customs, traditions and ways adapted to life today.

Rock art
Historical, archaeological and culturally significant Bushman Rock Art sites.


Unusual activities
Mokoro (dugout canoes)


Mobile safaris
Botswana is home of the mobile safari: sleep-outs in tents, open-fire cook-outs, starry-night dining and close-encounters with animals.


The elephants!
World's largest population of elephants