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Majestic Nature. Authentic Warmth.

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"I can never get enough of this place..."

Smiles as bright and wide as the majestic sunsets, laughter which echoes the thunder of the Falls, and a song which harmonises with the sounds of the wild. This is Zimbabwe, a place with a soul as pure and unfathomable as the animals which inhabit the beautiful terrain.


Experience something special...

This is what we love!


Diversity of scenery
All within relative close proximity. Visitors don't have massive distances to traverse to move from one unique setting to the next: Victoria Falls, Lake Kariba, Hwange, Mana Pools


Exceptional guiding
Expert guiding ensures visitors can experience a safari and tours which provide an in-depth discovery and understanding. This means so much more than just seeing what's on the surface.


The people
Zimbabweans have an appealing genuiness and natural warmth.

Colonial and cultural history
Fascinating ruins of archaeological significance.


Astounding mountain beauty
The mountainous Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe is a breath-taking territory of stunning views, alpine forests, trout rivers, waterfalls and lush floral fields.


Activity driven
Zimbabwe offers much in the way of activities: cruises, cycling, community visits, adventure & high-adrenalin. The town of Victoria Falls is renowned as an adrenalin activity destination offering bungy jumping, white water rafting, zip-lining and kayaking.


Off the beaten track
For those looking for something a little less commercial, destinations such as Chilo and Mana Pools are ideal.