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Where the ocean meets the sky

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"I can never get enough of this place..."

Warm seas, sun-kissed beaches and big skies. Welcome to Mozambique, a laid-back paradise, where exotic flavours blend with the sound of the surf, and the outdoors beckons.


Experience something special...

This is what we love!


Island appeal
Mozambique has a charmingly laid-back island vibe. It's not a resort as such, it's more a destination to soak up the sun, sea and pristine beauty of the region. Take full advantage of the chance to relax, or make the most of the fun activities by exploring and discovering this fascinating place.


Pristine coastline
This is Africa's longest stretch of Indian Ocean coastline, with 2600 kms of sandy beaches.

Local interaction
Mozambique boasts vibrant local bars and markets – it's full of life, bright and colourful.


Ilha de Mozambique
UNESCO World Heritage Site


Dive sites
Unspoilt coral reefs, abundant marine animals, marine sanctuaries and warm waters make this a top diving destination.


Marine creatures
Dugongs and whale sharks


Arabian, East African influence & history
Traditional dhow sailing boats, architecture and décor has a strong Arabian flavour. History includes Portuguese, colonial history and dates back to the Arabian slave traders.


Easy add-on
Mozambique combines well with South Africa for those wanting to add-on a Safari to their itinerary.